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1 Multi-protocol monitoring using oscilloscopes How modern oscilloscopes can support work on older technologies, by capitalizing on processing power. This paper focuses on the fact that oscilloscopes can monitor multiple protocols at the same time.
2 Diagnosing Numerical Pathologies using a Modern Digital Oscilloscope Analyzing and Diagnosing Numerical pathologies, such as stuck bits, railing, hardware faults, etc.
3 Validation of a Touch Screen Interface using an Oscilloscope How the oscilloscope decodes the traffic between a micro controller and a Touch Screen. The oscilloscope also reconstructs the positions of the hits and even draws the hits in XY mode.
4 Using an Oscilloscope to decode the SENT protocol How the oscilloscope decodes the message stream emanating from a SENT sensor. In this case we look at Melexis sensors measuring pressure and temperature, both with 12 bit resolution. The SENT message is analyzed in details using the visual decoding provided on Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscopes.
5 Patent Full Text and Image US Patent 7,965,764: Simultaneous physical and protocol layer analysis patent.

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