SPMI (System Power Management Interface)
Link Explanation
1 Teledyne LeCroy SPMI D Data Sheet, ordering Link to the Teledyne LeCroy Data sheet for the SPMI Decoder Option.
2 Teledyne LeCroy SPMI Decoder manual Link to the Teledyne LeCroy Manual Instruction Manual for SPMI Decoder.
3 MIPI page MIPI page dedicated to SPMI. Note that the Working Group (WG) is currently hibernated, since the specification has stabilised. This page offers an excelent history, roadmap and rationale for the SPMI protocol.
4 A Linux driver introduction to SPMI The Linux community has added support for SPMI in the drivers tree. This presentation shows source code and provides explanations.
5 A perspective on SPMI, in German Technical and historical perspective on SPMI, in German.
6 The LP1553, example of an Energy Management Unit using SPMI The LP5553 is a System Power Management Interface (SPMI) compliant Energy Management Unit for reducing power consumption of low power hand held applications such as dual-core processors and DSPs. The LP5553 implements 2 Non-Request Capable Slaves that are controlled via the SPMI.

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