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1 The LAH10x is a SENT signal source that fits directly onto the oscilloscope input BNC. 2 or 4 SENT Melexis sensors are mounted on the PCB and emit various SENT signals that can be readily monitored. The sensors capture a pressure, an angle via a Hall sensor, and a temperature. In order to induce a change in the sensor's data, a syringe and a magnet are provided. Different types of sensors (mixed, secure sensors) are available. Many applications can be demonstrated.
2 The LAH10x can be inserted into any of the channels and therefore used as multiple source. The tool also has sideway probe rings for additional signals. The signal source is intended for training, explanation of the protocol, test and validation of the firmware. It is not meant to be a precise tool for measuring physical parameters, but rather a testbed to exemplify SENT measurement and testing. The following rows contain the detailed manual for the proposed experiments. The experiments range from the simple observation of the datastream to more complex chaining of computations. Setup files are also available to facilitate the process.
3 LAH10x User's manual LAH10x User's manual. It contains all necessary instructions for conducting 15 interesting demos, including connections and various hints. The settings for each demo are distributed via zip file below.
4 Zip file for all Panel Files (LSS) Zip of all Panel files (LSS) necessary for the above demos. Download, unzip and copy onto the scope, in the SENT directory for example.
The starter demos require the LAH10x to be inserted into C1 and then execute LSS files 10 through 14.
Other demos require probes to connect to the side ports.
Most of the demos require the SENT option key to be present.
Many demos require the ProtoBusMAG option key to be present.
5 MLX 90809 Datasheet

MLX 90809 Application Note
Melexis App Note on the Pressure/Temperature Sensor. MLX 90809.

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